Le Palais Intérieur, el Badiâ

This series of images of the Baadi Palace in Marrakesh – all of them taken as double exposures - forms part of a photographic body of work featuring Moroccan architecture and alleyways. In these photographs Sandrine Rousseau derives particular inspiration from the graphic details of the architecture, using them as a vehicle to capture the feeling and energy of these places.
If, to begin with, her progressively more abstract images reveal the spirit of the place through their lines and geometric volumes - the presence of curves and organic forms become the expression of the photographer’s more intimate interior world. The more the images evolve towards abstraction, the more they get to the essence of what is being photographed. They are perceived as an ‘encounter’ between the soul of a place and that of the photographer at a specific moment in time.
In her intuitive assembly of shapes, textures, colour and light, Sandrine Rousseau’s images seeks to attain equilibrium. The sensory process involved makes her question our capacity to feel and recognize harmony.

The corpus includes 4 séries de 9 photographs
30x45 cm, 40x60 cm et 60x90 cm printed on Hahnemühle mat cotton rag paper.