Sandrine Rousseau’s life has been marked by the need to question, explore and understand the world through personal experience. This has led her to live and work in the United States, China, England and the French Pyrenean mountains, observing the various ways of living in these places. More recently, Morocco - home to her family for the past three generations - has also become a country providing her with considerable inspiration.

Sandrine Rousseau studied photography in England before returning to China to document daily life in urban and rural Zhejiang province. She is particularly interested in the way people manage time and space in their lives and she has made this a point for reflexion in her life and work.

The artist uses the camera both as a means of exploration and as a mechanism to reveal her inner world. Her work is a pure response to what she sees. She uses the plastic qualities of the places she photographs to create abstract images where simplicity and strong design evokes a spirit of place. Intuition too is a fundamental part of her creative process when photographing, and her photographs generate metaphors for the way she interprets the world. Stripping away the non-essential while keeping a sense of balance in a complex world has been one of her on-going quests.

To date Galerie 127 - located in Marrakesh, Morocco and Montreuil - represents her work. Sandrine participated in the Paris Photo of 2021 where she presented her series ‘Resonances’. Her work is included in a number of private art collections in different countries, one being that of JP Morgan Bank.