2022 -  Le Palais Baadi,  BORDEAUX Art & Design  @galerie 127 (Juillet)

2022 -  Esprit des lieux, les ruelles de Merzouga
Group show, Galerie 127, Marrakech, Maroc (Jan)

2021 - Resonances 
From abstractions to metaphors -  Le Jardin Secret, Marrakech & Villa Cavrois, Lille.
Galerie 127 PARIS PHOTO, Grand Palais éphémère( (Nov.)
Group show, Galerie127, Montreuil (Dec.)

2021 - Structures & Architecture,  Fez, Merzouga, Essaouira 
DUO show with Hicham Gardaf - Galerie 127, Montreuil (April)

2020 - Space & perceptions 
Photographic residency, French Institute, Fès, Morroco. (Oct-Nov.)

2019 - Abstractions
Group show, les vies silencieuses (Jan-Sept.)
Galerie 127, Marrakech, Morroco

2018 -2020 - Mountain views  (Temps de Pose) - Life choices in the valley of Massat in the Ariège Pyrénnées. 
A participatory photo-documentary. 
Exhibition in the gardens of the old prebystery l'ancien, Saint Lizier (2020)
Touring exhibition in médiathèques in the Ariège (2019)
Installation ‘in situe’, garden of Couleur Café, Massat (July – Nov 2018  and summer 2019)

2017 - Voir loin et clair, the  Sahara desert, Morroco
French Institute, Essaouira, (Oct.)
Festival 'Les Nuits Photographiques of Essaouira', Morroco (Oct.)

Best project for the Maghreb 

2015 – 2016 - Sand & Stone - Dialogue between lines and curves,  the Sahara desert and the Pedrera by Gaudi, Barcelona
Festival 'Les Nuits Photographiques of Essaouira', Morroco (Oct. 2016)
Galerie Hégoa, Paris (May /June 2016)
Galerie Anne Clergue, Arles. (June 2015)

2016 - Portraits for women in prison, Lituania (Dec 2016)

2006 - 2012 - Nature & architecture
Tracé à main levée’ (2006, 2007, 2009, 2011)

Festival photo d’Ariège’ (2006 à 2012)

Les ateliers céramiques’, Toulouse, permanant exhibition  - one theme per year
Tirage Limité’, Toulouse (Sept. 2006)

1997- 'Opening doors' - 'What is HOME? for the immigrants et minorities of Notting Dale, London. G.B. (Jan. - July.1997)
Kensington & Chelsea Community History group

1995 - 1999 - China Close-up : Photographs of daily lives'
Photo-documentary on the contrasting daily lives of people the city of Hangzhou and the remote mountain village of Dongken.
Galerie Brunei, Université de Londres, G.B. (Jan.- Dec. 1999)
Plymouth Arts Centre, G.B. (July 1997)
L’Alliance Française, Toulouse (2007).

1997 - Images of China
Galerie D. Bates, London, G.B. (March)


2016 - présent - 'Traces' - The Sahara desert
Documentary  (signs of the desertification) - Social and human landscape (the effects of sedentarisation on the nomad people) - Landscape (the beauty of the sculpted dunes) - Intimate landscape 

2004 - présent - Photos workshops in the  Ariège and Morroco, in schools and other organisations. All ages including children.
CV photo workshops


• National Diploma in Photography, Plymouth, UK. June 1995
• Certificate to teach and train adults (City & Guilds 7307 Course), UK.1999
• Training to co-ordinate and run participative photo workshops, Photovoice, London, 2010

Bilingual French/ English