'Seeing far and clearly' - part 1 & 2 - 2017

These photographs have been taken around the area of M'Hamid in the Sahara desert. A 5 day walking trek to immerse myself in the environment.

These images are part of two series mixing different photographic styles - documentary and fine-art, in order to depict the desert in different ways.

The first part is about the more physical aspect of the desert and highlights the effect of desertification.

The second part is a symbolic interpretation of my personal journey, not only in the desert but in life. Beauty, simplicity and balance are important elements I like to capture while using the plastic and graphic qualities of the landscape, and where a detail may reveal the essence of what I photograph.

'Seeing far & clearly' are the words of Théodor Monod to describe the feeling of extreme clarity one feels after a few days losing oneself in the space and silence of the desert. It also refers to the role we play in the environment, the power of nature to transform and regenerate itself, not to mention its sheer beauty!